It’s OK to Not Be OK


Expressing how you’re feeling isn’t always the easiest. With the society we live in today, it may be hard for you to share these feelings because you’re scared people may look at you differently, or see it as a sign of weakness.

Sharing how you’re feeling with your friends or family is the first step in the right direction. This will not only allow you to stop burying the pain you’re feeling, but also get the help and support that you may need. It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s also not okay to feel unhappy for a long period of time.

Here’s 4 tips to help speed up your ride back to happiness:

1. Take care of your body.

Exercising, drinking water, and getting a sufficient amount of sleep are just a few physical improvements that can help to improve you mentally.

2. Set achievable goals. 

Whether it’s academic or personal, setting goals that are more realistic will improve your chances of following through with them.

3. Avoid alcohol and drugs. 

Some may use alcohol and drugs as an escape from their feelings, but once the buzz fades away, those ill feelings will still be there. Keeping drinking and partying to a minimum will keep you focused on yourself and whats ahead of you.

4. Don’t forget how valuable you are.

Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. Do things that make you happy, make time for hobbies, and avoid criticizing yourself. You’re wonderful.

With Love,



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