Look Better, Feel Better

Nike shorts, sandals, and a big t-shirt.

This is the outfit I put on basically every single day for school. I had ultimately decided that being comfortable was more important than looking good about half-way through my first year of college, and since I had never found a legit reason to wear anything other than a t-shirt and shorts to school.

For the first time in probably three years, I woke up this past Monday morning with this random urge to actually dress, dare I say it, cute. I had to get out of bed a little earlier, which I didn’t like, but it was definitely a nice change from my normal “get ready in 10 minutes and run out the door” mornings.

As I arrived at school, I felt a greater sense of confidence walking to class than I usually did. I felt like I didn’t just blend in anymore and that I was actually…noticeable. A guy held the door open for me, too, which was nice because that never happen to me. I felt more important, stylish, and pretty darn happy. Wow, could making myself look better on the outside really impact my overall mood?

After having these results from the first day, I decided to dress a little better throughout the rest of the week to see how it would affect my happiness. Though there was no extreme differences, I did feel better about myself overall, had a greater sense of confidence, and interacted more with my friends and people around campus.

In the future, I definitely plan on dressing a little nicer for school with hopes that it will continue to make me a more sociable, happier person.

With Love,


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