Loving Yourself Before Others Love You



Don’t depend on others for your happiness. 

This took me a very long time to figure that out, up to about 6 months ago honestly. I’ve always been the person to jump from relationship to relationship, trying to find that perfect person that will turn my life around and give me the “happily ever after” that almost every girl hopes for.

If you’re like how I was, don’t be. Take your time and love will find you. Don’t go into a relationship hoping that it will fix you because in the end if you solely depend on that person for happiness, what will you do if one day they’re not there anymore?

Learn how to love yourself. Find things that make you happy. Get a hobby, join a club, start yoga classes – do what you want to do and have friends that will stand by your side. Once you find yourself, you’ll know that when you do get into a relationship and things don’t work out, you will be okay.

With love,




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