Benefits of Meditation

With finals approaching, its hard to find space during the day to focus on yourself. The stress and anxiety accompanied with finals week is something thats not easy to handle, and can be very harmful to your peace of mind and well-being. One thing I’ve incorporated into my daily schedule is meditation, and I’m going to share with you reasons why you should too.


Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, increase your attention span, and relax the entire brain. When meditating, you enter a calm, happy, and internally expansive place. This space can allow you to bring about a true transformation from the inside out.

Along with mental benefits, meditation also has many physical benefits. Meditating improves your metabolism (which helps you lose weight), lowers high blood pressure, and increases your energy level as you can an inner source of energy.

So if you’re able to squeeze some “you” time in your extra busy life, incorporating meditation would be a great and healthy way to focus and improve yourself.


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