Stress During the Holidays

College students, this ones for you.

Ah, December. My favorite month of the year.

Holiday lights outside everyones houses light up the midnight sky, the smell of toasty campfires consume the frosty air, and the taste of marshmallows and hot chocolate fill us with a warmth that doesn’t feel the same at any other time of year. Oh wait, and did I mention Christmas?!

There’s so many great things that come with December, what could possibly make it undesirable?

Oh yeah,


All student’s least favorite time of the year is finals time. Dealing with finals is terrible enough, especially having to study and work on them during a time of happiness and cheer. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed and just want to give up..don’t. Here’s a few tricks that I have learned to follow to remain happy during the holiday season, even with the presence of finals:

  1. Stay Organized/Time Management 

Forgetting you have a final until the day before the test is not the way to do it. Grab a planner, or put reminders in your phone, of when all of your assignments are due. Also, scheduling time days before to study will keep you prepared, stress free, and can add a little more time in your schedule to sleep.

2.  Put the Phone Down 

The majority of your twitter and Instagram followers won’t unfollow you if you don’t post for a week. Also, instead of texting classmates about information on a final, get together at school or a coffee shop and study for the final together. Being locked up studying by yourself can get kinda lonely, and your classmates may know information on the final that you may not.

3. Think of Your Future 

Studying doesn’t suck nearly as much as failing. Push yourself because no one can do it for you. You’re doing this for a reason. Keep your head up, study hard, and it will all be worth it in the end.

Things always seem impossible till they’re done. Keep that smile on your face — and know that once you’ve completely all your finals — you get to spread some good ole’ holiday cheer.

The infographic below shows some statistics on how the stress of finals can affect you: new-piktochart_26751251-3

Finals advice from Dr. Linda Martin

Dr. Martin has been one of my professors at Nicholls State University for the past two years. She has not only taught me how to succeed in public relations, but has also helped me succeed in other aspects in life, such as maintaining organization and keeping a good, healthy mindset. Here are some of her suggestions for students going into finals week:

Twas the Night Before Finals 

Final projects can also be fun! Always stay organized and set reminders to help you complete your work on time. Also, its still important to get some sleep at the end of it all. I hope this video makes you laugh and inspires you to get your work done, so you can spend more time enjoying the holidays.