Gabrielle Dea Castille:

What You Have Taught Me 

September 8, 2016:

“I love you! Text me when you get home.”

These were the last words Gabbie told me as I left her apartment that night. This little gesture reflects the kind of person she was: kind, loving, and caring. In that moment, I would have never known that it was my last time hearing her voice, or seeing that radiant smile that could somehow light up even the darkest of rooms.

I sent her a text that night at 11:40 P.M., saying that I made it home.

September 9th came, and because of the occurrences that morning, I haven’t received a text from her since. Since this day, I have a hard time answering phone calls between the hours of 1-3 A.M.

“How could something like this happen to someone who is so full of love and light?” I thought to myself.

I’m still searching for the answer.

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Her Younger Years:


Though we did not become friends until later on in life, I’m lucky enough to have friends that knew her in her younger years.

Below is an interview I had with one of Gabbie’s childhood friends, Mikaela Chaisson, who happens to be a close friend of mine as well. The music and audio in the beginning of the video describes how I imagine where Gabbie is now. At the end of the audio, I added a clip of Gabbie’s voice that I obtained from an old video of her.

Her Impact:

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 2.21.57 PM

Time does not take the pain away, but it brings realization. We cannot control the way things happen, but we can control the way we view it. For this reason, I try to stray away from thinking about the car accident, and instead, think about the wonderful things she did with her time on this Earth, and the effect she has had on everyone she met, including myself.

No one could ever always be happy, but she made it seem as if it was possible. Every memory I have with her is filled with joy and happiness. She was a huge lover of family, cats, chips and salsa, and God. Everywhere we went, someone was or wanted to know her, and because of these reasons, I hope to spread to same love and light she did.

Though she is no longer here with us, she still continues to inspire me to be a happier and more caring person everyday.

This blog is dedicated to her.




~~~ Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

1 Timothy 4:12 ~~~